About us

ASHBURN International was founded in 1998, and it is part of the Penki Kontinentai since 2003. Today, software development and payment card authorization solutions are the main area of ASHBURN International activities. The range of services includes installation, updating and maintenance of software solutions adapted to different manufacturers and types of payment terminals. The company also provides billing services in the Baltic States and other regions.

The innovative software solution TransLink.iQ developed by ASHBURN International has a worldwide recognition as one of the best in its field. This software package provides for POS networks monitoring, management, and transaction processing. It guarantees operative and safe transactions conducted by VISAMastercardUnionPay International  and other payment cards. The TransLink.iQ  solution is used in the Baltic States, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, etc.

ASHBURN International has established itself in electronic payment and services market in 2002, when the company developed an e-commerce system for prepayment of bills, allowing mobile users to replenish their accounts in shopping centers and gas stations. The projects of authorization VISA, Mastercard payment cards, and loyalty programs were implemented in the same year.

Company's services:

  • Development and sale of POS terminals software;
  • Software maintenance services;
  • Development of software for loyalty projects;
  • Productivity and maintenance services for loyalty programs;
  • Integration of loyalty programs;
  • Consultations for sales representatives on technical and software support for payment card authorization;
  • POS terminals sale;
  • Warranty and post-warranty POS terminals service;
  • Prepaid mobile billing solutions.

Security Certificates

The company certifies in accordance with the highest level international requirements of payment card data security PCI DSS annually.

The entire equipment also complies with the EMV (Europay-Mastercard-Visa) standard, is certified by international payment systems and PADSS.

Software and hardware for payment card terminals comply with the requirements of the EMV standard of international organizations VISA and Mastercard. International payment systems and PADSS certified it. The company has certified channels for the transfer of bankcard operations to the major commercial banks in Lithuania and their authorization centers - SEB, Swedbank, Luminor and Citadele via Worldline.


Chronology of most important events in the history of “ASHBURN Iinternational”:

June 2018

"ASHBURN International" completed VISA PIN Certification

December 2017

"ASHBURN International" has completed its Lithuanian POS terminal network modernization. The investments exceeded 1mln. €.

August 2017

An agreement with "Ingenico Russia" on the sale of POS terminals in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.

 July 2017 "ASHBURN International" provided the payment terminals for the "LP Express" couriers. From now "LP Express" offers its customers the opportunity to pay for goods with payment cards

February 2017

"ASHBURN International" provided the POS terminals for the service departments of "Lietuvos paštas".

December 2016

"ASHBURN International" in cooperation with "BS/2 Georgia" installed the software "TransLink.iQ" to the payment terminals of one of the largest banks in Georgia and included the lease of POS terminals in the range of services.

August 2016

ASHBURN International" began to implement contactless payments.

April 2016

"ASHBURN International" became an official partner of PAX Technology.

October 2015

Beginning of cooperation with Turkmenistan bank.

July 2015

Company established cooperation with Turkmen Bank Daýhanbank. The bank acquired the "ASHBURN International" software solution TransLink.iQ and 700 POS-terminals.

 June 2015 "ASHBURN International" offered iinsurance brokers a convenient opportunity to serve their customers who pay for insurance services using payment cards. The new solution consists of electronic card scanners installed in insurance brokerage companies connected to barcode scanners and software developed by "ASHBURN International", which combines and accepts payments for services of different insurance companies.

October 2014

Certificate of compliance with the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) was granted to "TransLink.iQ Smart POS" of "ASHBURN International".

April 2014

"ASHBURN International" began to cooperate with an insurance company "Compensa TU S.A. Vienna Insurance Group Lithuanian Branch" and installed in the customer service departments electronic card readers and a special technologically advanced solution for automated accounting of premiums collected from customers and paid by payment cards.

January 2014

"ASHBURN International" solution was used to sell electronic prepayment codes replacing previously used scratch cards in a network of Statoil Fuel & Retail petrol stations in Latvia. This service allows customers of the petrol stations to replenish their prepayment accounts used to pay for the services of mobile connection providers and television.

January 2014

"ASHBURN International" has offered the Lithuanian market prepayment checks Paysafecard, which can be used to pay for goods and services purchased online.

January 2014

"ASHBURN International" updated POS terminals network of "Kesko Senukai Lietuva".

December 2013

"ASHBURN International" implemented a project "Integrated Solution for the Management of E-payment Services" (ePaySManager) in accordance with a measure "Intelektas LT" of the" Economic Growth Action Program". The company has developed solutions in the field of innovative e-payments management, which include the development of the existing technological measures and new service models.

December 2013

"ASHBURN International" signed an agreement with the largest Lithuanian insurance company "Lietuvos draudimas" on installation of new electronic card readers connected to barcode readers.

April 2013

During the month the company successfully served a record number, i.e. more than 9,000,000 loyalty transactions.

April 2013

“ASHBURN International” became an official partner of INGENICO S.A. in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. INGENICO S.A. is one of the largest manufacturers of POS terminals in the world.

April 2013

The first cross loyalty system in Lithuania, i.e. “Medžio Centras REMONTO” was introduced. When purchasing goods from sellers of “Medžio Centras” (individual legal entities), system users receive loyalty points that can be used to buy goods from any other seller of “Medžio Centras”.

December 2012

“ASHBURN International” implemented a technological solution for the integration of information systems of UAB “Gera Dovana” and “Statoil Lietuva” to sell gift sets of “Gera Dovana” through “Statoil Lietuva” network in Lithuania.

June 2012

In cooperation with the insurance company "PZU Lietuva", "ASHBURN International" developed and introduced solution that allows customers to pay for insurance policies by means of payment cards using POS terminals integrated with barcode scanners; the insurer is enabled to use barcode to scan insurance policy data and process them in the accounting system.

February 2012

“Mylimiausia” loyalty program uniting six leaders in their fields – trade networks “IKI”, “SENUKAI”, “STATOIL Lietuva”, “Gintarinė Vaistinė”, “ČILI” and SEB bank was launched. “ASHBURN International” uses the loyalty management system “PayLo” to serve all loyalty transactions of this program.

August 2011

“ASHBURN International” started cooperating with “Swedbank”. Financial transaction processing center of the company began redirecting financial transactions to “Swedbank”.

June 2009

Newly developed payment and loyalty management system “PayLo” by  “ASHBURN International” was introduced.

October 2008

The company started supplying to the Lithuanian market POS terminals of one of the largest manufacturers of POS terminals INGENICO S.A..

September 2007

“ASHBURN International” obtained first certificate in accordance with an international PCI DSS Level 1 standard that ensures the highest level of payment card data security. The certificate is renewed on the yearly basis.

September 2007

“ASHBURN International” started using its network of POS terminals to serve “American Express” payment cards, by redirecting transactions to “Parex” bank.

May 2005

The company introduced and started serving “LUKOIL” loyalty program.

April 2005

The company started providing payment card-related services to “SNORAS” bank.

March 2004

The company introduced and started serving “MAXIMA” loyalty program.

July 2003

“ASHBURN International” became a member of the group of companies “Penki kontinentai”.

January 2003

The company introduced and started serving “IKI Premija” loyalty program, by serving in its processing center all loyalty card operations performed in “IKI” network.

June 2002

“ASHBURN International” started serving payment card operations by means of “ASHBURN International" POS terminals. Payments are redirected from “Statoil Lietuva” network to SEB bank (“Vilniaus bankas” at that moment).

May 2002

“Statoil Lietuva” network started selling GSM prepaid codes in Lithuania.

February 2002

“IKI” network started selling GSM prepaid codes.

January 2002

The company developed e-commerce system for prepaid mobile accounts, which allows mobile users to replenish their accounts in shopping centers.

July 1998

 “ASHBURN International” was established.