Insurance Brokers Offer Customers a More Convenient Way to Pay for Service

Insurance Brokers Offer Customers a More...

Insurance brokers offer their clients a quick and convenient way of paying for insurance services. Now it is possible to pay off several insurance accounts, making one payment with a payment card.

ASHBURN International Completed VISA PIN Certification

ASHBURN International Completed VISA PIN...

ASHBURN International, specializing in solutions for monitoring POS-terminals, transaction management and bank payment cards, completed the audit for compliance with VISA PIN Security requirements and received a certificate to process PINs sent from payment terminals to banks.

ASHBURN International Invested Over €1m in Its POS Terminal Network Upgrade

ASHBURN International Invested Over €1m...

In 2017, ASHBURN International, which deals with the card payments and loyalty program managing solutions, has completed its Lithuanian POS terminal network modernization. The investments exceeded €1m - and the number of updated stand-alone and integrated POS-terminals was more than 4 thousand units.

TransLink.iQ developed by ASHBURN International is installed in more than 10 000 POS-terminals in Georgia

TransLink.iQ developed by ASHBURN...

The software TransLink.iQ, developed by the Lithuanian company ASHBURN International, has established successfully in Georgia. Now, the software package is installed in almost 13 thousand POS-terminals.